Vision Statement:

The Bilingual International Standar Class will be a leading academic centre of excellence in mathematics and science education in North Sumatra Indonesia and in the world

Mission Statement:
  1. To have a positive and lasting impact on the quality of mathematics and science education and assist education of mathematics and science in meeting the challenges of today’s dynamic educatioanl landscape in North Sumatra Indonesia and in the world.
  2. To contribute significantly and meaningfully to local, national and international manpower development by producing and developing high calibre mathematics and science educators who have integrity commitment and allegiance to the teaching profession and national educational policies and goals.
  3. To recrut and retain quality students within programs, offer high-quality on campus undergraduate program that develop well-educated and professional educators with a depth of content and pedagogical knowledge trough best practices in mathematics and science education.
  4. To develop the independent research and critical thinking abilities of students along with a familiarity with research-based developments in mathematics and science teaching and learning.

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